Clean Up

Now if only we a wheelbarrow, that would be something

After defeating Murkelmor and taking a short rest the party went back to examine the last bridge across the Horned Hold. As they peeked through the gate they saw a shabby looking one-armed Dragonborn hauling a wheelbarrow with a body in it. Just before tipping it over the edge, Shorndorr noticed it was Rendil in the wheelbarrow. The team confronted the wheelbarrow-er and found out he was also a captive and that there were more duergar just across the bridge.

The party rushed through door and engaged the bad guys. More came in from the back hall, one with a very young drake on a leash. The dwarf holding the drake had no control over him and he was soon off the leash. The drake was red w/ a gold belly and immediately gravitated toward Shorndorr eventually cowering behind him and fighting at his side. The dwarf champion leading the group was tough and after suffering a few wounds grew from a normal sized dwarf into a giant. Despite his size, he was eventually defeated and the party journeyed back to the Halfmoon Inn with their new drake pet in tow, delivering Rendil’s body back to his mother. Rendil was eventually delivered to Phaledra to be resurrected and his mother insisted the group keep his sword in gratitude for bringing him home (and to discourage him from acting on any more bad ideas).

After resting a few days the group was delivered a note that there was someone in the ‘evil organization’ that could help the group and they should meet. Instead of help they were ambushed in a cave by 2 tieflings and a huge bronze warder. The Warder rolled a huge boulder in front of the cave entrance initially trapping Shorndorr and Thoradin inside leaving Wyger and Onder pressed against the cave wall. The slow moving Bronze giant was a dangerous opponent but was eventually defeated along with the tieflings. Among their possessions the group found notes tying about the Blackfang Gnolls in the Well of Demons to Paldemar.

Informing Oronotor of this connection, the mage urged them to find Paldemar as soon as possible and promised to reward them well. The party next delivered the skull scepter back to Gendar and found that Terrlen would be the best guide to reach the Well of Demons. Terrlen turned out to be a good guide but a bad companion, turning into a werewolf and attacking the party as they approached the Well of Demons.


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