The Story so Far -- Part II

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Travel to Fallcrest, drop off Rod of Ruin w/ Bahamut Clerics, Douven getting worse, met w/ Shorndorr’s old boss and sold Burning Gauntlets for some 1/2ling leather +1.

Off to Thunderspire to confront Bloodreavers and deliver Valthrun’s payment

Rescued Rendil from Hobgoblin Bloodreavers, he claims to be the unofficial mayor of the Seven Pillared Hall.

Met with Orontor one of the mages of Saarun, he was concerned about one of the order named Paldemar. Paldemar hasn’t been seen for weeks and rumors about him are concerning. Says he’ll make it worth their while if they can find out what he is doing and report back.

Gendar – Magical Curios takes Valthrun’s case as payment of a debt. Tried hard to run some fake dice on Wyger but Wyger ran it back on him and ended in a draw. Asked the team to be on the lookout for a skull headed staff for which he would pay 300 gp.

Rendil gave some info that the Bloodreavers might be in Chamber of Eyes and provided directions.

Tried sneaking up the balcony but made a loud crash, negotiated the door opened and then threw down w/ the hobgoblins and a bugbear.

First meeting w/ durergar and their fiery beards. Wyger threw one in the fire, prompting duergar laughter. Once the battle turned bad for them the grey dwarves began to scream for :


Krand and his guards were eventually put down and the team found clues linking the slave trade to the Grimmerzhul dwarves in the Horned Hold.

Moved on to the slave holding pen (recently empty) and took on archers and a dire wolf. Shorndorr made a super-awesome jump down from the balcony to crush 1 guy and Thoradin jumped on the back of a huge dire wolf, smashing with 1 hand and trying to reign him in with the other. Crushing helped but reigning did not. Onder finished the wolf off as he ran away w/ the dwarf. A little more cleanup and then found a note asking for more provisions for the new captives.

Grimmerzhul Dwarves – Shorndorr walked in and tried to run a game of selling ‘captive’ Thoradin to the slavers. They seemed to recognize his family name and believed the ruse to the point of disarming Thoradin and starting to lead him away. Not liking how things were heading, Onder snapped off a magic missile at the big girl running the show and the battle went down in the mining office. They found a pathway to the Horned Hold and eventually a portcullis guarding the entrance. They tried to run a fake wagon to trick the guards, but became impatient and fought it out with the orc guards. Further into the hold were a powerful duergar Blacksmith, guards, and scouts. The scouts with the invisibility bit were particularly tough. One nearly escaped (a theme) but got cut down before he got far. Unlocked the bridge door and snuck over to a ruined room and then kicked in the door to a barracks and smote the grey dwarves they found there. The next room had more bad guys and some Arbalesters (clockwork crossbow automatons). Wyger got bored during the next phase of discussions of where to go next and snuck into a room containing a big Ogre and some mean orcs and though he hit super hard on the sleeping Ogre, the team had to work to finish off the Ogre and orcs to get Wyger out of trouble. Back around to a ruined Baphomet chapel and took on some wights. The wights hit hard and drained life-force enough from Thoradin that they briefly took over his brain and made him attack Shorndorr, who later got zapped too and returned the favor on Thoradin. They next found a back way into the main chamber where the captives were held. Big throwdown with flying spiney tailed devils raining down fire. Wyger cleverly poked a dwarf into the pool and then finished him off as he climbed out. Bigby’s Icy hand was very effective in preventing the spellcasting leader from doing much damage.

After freeing the prisoners and instructing them to return to the Halfmoon Inn, the guys discovered a secret door leading to a fireplace grate and saw more grey dwarves inside. Taking down the Grimmerzhul was a long and bloody fight. Wyger harried TheUrge and backed him into a bathtub finally erasing his map. The leader Murkelmor was nearly impossible to hit and the party spent a ton of effort finally wiping her out.


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