Well of Demons - part 1

Into the breach dear friends

The team finally discovered the entrance to the Well of Demons and were greeted by a Minotaur statue telling them:

_ Greetings, seekers of Baphomet’s boundless glory.

Those who prove unworthy of his attention

Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.

Those who prove worthy

Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.

Mask, bell, blade, and tome_

The moment the magic Minotaur mouth stopped talking (and coughing dust) the other residents of the foyer attacked. 2 creepy crawlers living in the ceiling used their long tentacle graspers to entangle the team while an opportunistic ghoul came around from the side hoping to have a little brain flavored snack. In addition to these horrors, up from a long dry well emerged a burrowing tentacled monster poking up 2 sets of attacking arms through the ground. The party effectively dealt with the monsters and moved off down the hall.

The next room held a group of Gnoll archers using a captured Dire Boar for target practice. The Boar was kept in a makeshift pen and harassed by a small pack of hyenas. The hyenas immediately attacked, attempting to block the entrance to the room so the archers behind could fire. Shorndorr rushed recklessly through hyena pack taking several bites on the way, with Thoradin hard on his heels. Shorndorr then leapt up to the barrier of hay bales screaming his soon-to-be-famous battle cry “Don’t be a coward….Fight ME!!!”. The 4 Gnolls responded by simultaneously swinging a hand axe and firing 3 longbows from point blank range all of which hit and dealt enough damage to finish a lesser hero. The Gnolls all exchanged a look seeming to think ‘um, we are in trouble’. Thoradin chopped at a hyena and shouted a prayer to Bahamut which energized Shorndorr and carnage ensued. While Thoradin, Shorndoor and Wyger were dealing with the gnolls, Onder and the drake were stuck further behind dealing with the hyenas. The drake, cut off from Shorndorr ran off down a hall leaving Onder alone against the final hyena. The Benny Hill theme music began to play as Onder and the hyena played tag round and round the boar’s cage.

After the battle, Thoradin successfully calmed the boar while healing it and was content to follow Thoradin after that. Shorndorr led the party to track the drake and found another group of gnolls and hyenas that were quickly dispatched. A search of the hyena’s pen revealed a cloak that turned Thoradin into a super-healing machine.


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