Well of Demons - part 2

Trust me, I'm a Tiefling

After clearing out the gnolls and taking a short rest the party continued on to the south. There they found a long hallway with 2 closed rooms and a open chamber. Wyger sneaked down the hall and in the open area found 2 tiefling brothers discussing ‘how to get what [they] needed from this fool’. Returning to tell his companions what he found launched Shorndorr and Thoradin into a argument which grew progressively louder and louder. Thoradin wanted to talk with the tieflings to see if their interests were aligned while Shorndorr could only think of how quickly to kill them. The loud exchange brought the gnoll demonic scourge from her room, immediately attacking the party. The tieflings came to the end of the hall to observe the fight but made no move to help. The gnoll began some sort of menacing chant and before anyone could act a Barlgura was summoned from the other closed room. The fight was brief but violent and the tieflings joined toward the end, helping to finish off the Barlgura. When the dust had settled the tiefling brothers informed the group that they also were adventurers who had ‘come in through the other entrance’ seeking fortune and glory. The group was torn about what to do so Wyger went off to search the gnolls room while Thoradin and Shorndorr were invited to go sit down and decide for the party whether to ally with the tieflings. Wyger uncovered a large pile of gold and jewels and a horned helmet for Shorndorr. The brothers ducked into the Barlgura’s room but quickly re-emerged explaining that they would prefer to continue on alone and left. About 5 seconds later the team looked at each other and realized they had not searched the Balgura room and the tieflings were suspiciously quick to leave. The chase was on. The party was able to track the brothers despite several double backs to the area near the hyena pens. Thoradin again tried to negotiate but Shorndorr was no longer willing to talk, leaping across 2 tables to crush one of the tieflings with a huge blow. Both tieflings whipped their capes around theatrically and disappeared. Shorndorr then blew a lighting blast that vaporized sevarl chairs hoping to see their outlines but they remained hidden. Thoradin scooped a handful of chair ash and tossed it in the air to try to outline them, to no effect. Eventually they re-appeared at the back of the room shoving the startled drake out of the way to clear a path to make a run back down the hall. One managed to get down the hall but the other was pinned against the wall and dispatched. Shorndorr did that cool chair walk over move (step to the chair back and tilt it down like an escalator) and charged the remaining tiefling, holding him up for Wyger to finish off. The brothers had the Book of Wrath Unveiled tucked into a backpack. 1 item down, 3 to go.


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